Who’s Who

Volunteer Leader Team

Everyone involved in scouts is a volunteer – including our executive team. If you’re interested in becoming a leader then check out our Volunteering Section. If you’d like to get involved but perhaps not in a leader role, we are always looking for people to help in other ways. Perhaps you’d like to be a Quartermaster, have skills in building / ground care etc and could help us in other ways. Please do get in touch if that’s the case.

Trustee Board

Group Chair – David Head

Treasurer – Robert Baker

Group Secretary – Nicola Pearce

Group Administrator – Philippa Tullberg

Training Lead – Mike Tullberg

Monday Beavers

Matthew Durkin

Harry Kinsley

Tuesday Beavers

Ian Johnson

Chris Welford

Thursday Verulam

Mark Wilkinson

Friday Isherwood

Greg Smith

Monday Mosquito

Claire Wainwright